MÈO AND BÉ Book Launch

I wasn’t planning to blog here on my website. I’m very active on Instagram, so if you want to follow along and learn more about my life and book happenings, that’s the best place to go! I’m @doanphuongwrites everywhere on the Internet (including TikTok, but I’m too old and uncool to really post anything interesting on the TikTok.)

Anyway, I figured a good starting place for this bookish blog is with photos from my book launch!

My debut novel, Mèo and Bé was published on May 23, 2023 (which is a fabulous date because I love dates), about a girl and her cat surviving the Vietnam War, and I had so many fun launch events after the publication!

My official book launch was in Nashville, TN (my hometown) at Parnassus Books! Stephanie Appell, formerly of BookPage, moderated the discussion! It was my first public event, and it was a new experience, speaking in front of an audience. There were so many wonderful faces in attendance, both friends and family, as well as strangers, and it was really a cool experience!

I also had a book signing at Main Street Books in St. Charles, MO, which was fun! Novel Neighbor, a local bookstore in St. Louis also hosted an event but that would be later in August. I did get to go to their bookshop just to sign their wall of authors, and take some fun shots!

Enjoy this exciting and wonderful week through some photographs 🙂

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