Writing & Books

I’ve been writing stories since I was a wee babe. I’m in 2nd grade in this photo, holding up a story I wrote at my parents’ ESL teacher’s house.

Middle Grade Novels:


A 34,000 word middle grade novel about loss and grief, finding a place where you belong, and discovering love where you least expect it. It also touches on domestic abuse and hints at human trafficking. This novel is set during the Vietnam War, and is very loosely inspired by my family’s history.

The novel was awarded the SCBWI 2016 Work-in-Progress Award in the Multicultural Fiction category.

Growing up in the Middle of Nowhere, Tennessee is hard enough, but when your name is My Dung Tran and you are the only Asian kid at your school, life can be pure torture … especially when the school bully is constantly pulling mean poop-related pranks on you. To cope, My Dung leans on her best friend and her secret desire to become a Hollywood hotshot director.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, LIFE! is a 38,000 word middle grade novel that chronicles My Dung’s sixth grade adventures as she struggles to find her identity amidst school rivalry, bullies, and secret crushes in a world where she doesn’t fit in.